Was established in 2019


By Nathalie Peters (Berlin GER) & Jacob Muller (Bern CH)

As a couple in real life they make the perfect combo in the film industry to make things happen, as they bring their production vision to fit the fundament of your project.

With our experience and our taste for adventure, we will create an unique result.

Our perfect team shares the passion of light, art and design and provides the base

to answer all your needs in the creative advertising standards.

Nathalie Peters

Producer / ProjectManager

Nathalie Peters is an extremely passionate woman with 10 years of experience in hospitality and management for different companies in Germany and Switzerland.

She will assist you all along of the project to manage, from the fundament to the rise of your project. Nathalie is also a passionate writer. working hand in hand with the full crew to bring projects to life.

Jacob Muller

Director / ArtDirector

Jacob Muller is an international Awards, winning photographer and film director with 12 years of experience in digital production.

He his in charge of the film direction and photography of FARGOMEDIA.

Known to create deeply crafted story, he is always on the run to make the client reach their goals .


Reto Schimidli

1st AD /  Camera And Light

Rigging Tech

Reto Schimidli owns BlackSkyPicture. He is THE specialiste when it comes to camera and light rigging. With is more than 10 years of experiences in the Commercial/Film industrie . With is creative ideas and knowled on security He is the parthner in crime for Fargomedia to have in any situations.


Andreas Aegerter

1st AC / VFX Supervisor / Editor

Andreas Aegerter owns T-Nerdproduction specialist in the film industry, editing post production and VFX. On set he directs and assist the crew with enthusiasm and knowledge of the need. He is always aware of the project and also a very talented person in his job.

With his experience he has the eyes for the details to bring you perfection.

Gaetan Bongard

KeyGrip / Ingeneer

Gaetan Bongard has started his studies in building engineering.

He is a very important person when it comes to the overall of locations, lighting engineering and always working for the safety and taking care of every need. With his 3 years of experience in the film industry he is in a sentence.:

The Man Of The Situation who you can count on.

Rachel Müller

Fashion Design Student (Paris)

Rachel Müller is a passionate clothes designer. In our crew, she takes a par of the set design concepts. Her talent and passion for the fashion industry is a perfect combo for material and color selection. With her taste for UpCycling her work fits perfectly the actual trend of 2020.



Sound Designer / Ingeneer

Alex is an internationally known sound designer.

Billboard No 1 Producer. He is the perfect add to our Commercial and Narratives projects.
Alex design with passion each of his artwork, he is working on. And knows how to build any type of music to match perfectly our projects.

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